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The Boutique at Be Strong offers everything from post mastectomy bras and athletic wear to swimsuits and compression sleeves. We also feature all of your pelvic floor rehab needs.


The Boutique at Be Strong is a private, woman-owned specialty boutique for individuals navigating the challenging journey from cancer diagnosis to survivorship. Providing specialized products and services tailored to the needs of women undergoing mastectomy, lymphedema, and cancer care. Our boutique prioritizes creating a warm and caring environment for our clients. The Boutique @ Be Strong has professionally trained fitters available to assist and ensure that you get the personalized attention and care you DESERVE! 

Post- Mastectomy Items: 

- Bras


- Scar Sticks

- Skincare

- Compression

Pelvic Health Items: 

- Silicone Dilators

- Water- Based Lubricants 

- Pelvic Wands

- Post-Prostatectomy Underwear 


Lymphedema Products: 

- Bandaging Supplies

- Daytime Garments

- Nighttime Garments

- Velcro Wraps

- Swell Spots

- Ready to Wear and Custom Options Available

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Top Brands:

American Breast Care
Lindi Skin
Wear Ease Inc
Prairie Wear
Intimate Rose
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