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Garment Fitting

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We understand that you have lots of options when it comes to buying compression. From Amazon to CVS you can pretty much get compression anywhere. However, the garments sold at these stores are usually based on shoe size and have a one size fits all approach to sizing. When you have medical issues, you need higher end compression that fits your body specifically. Choosing options such as; a silicone band, short vs petite vs regular length, material, compression level, and open vs closed toe may require speaking with an expert on which option is best for you.

Our therapists are experts when it comes to fitting for compression garments. They will help you to select the best fitting product for your body and teach you how to get the products on and off. They are also trained in custom fitting and work with most manufacturers. 

For ready-to-wear compression fitting, a fee of $25 will be charged, but this fee will be applied to your purchase. This fee is to compensate our fitters if you decide not to purchase garments from us. 

For custom garment fitting sent to insurance a $100 fitting fee is applied; this fee includes the fitting, a medical justification letter, time spent sending documents to the DME company, and any remakes.

We look forward to helping you get into the best fitting compression garment for you!

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