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Should I continue therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As everyone is currently learning daily updates about the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Be Strong Therapy Services want you to know that our clinic is taking preventive measures to keep you safe.

As a small, private therapy clinic, we are able to easily maintain clean practices in the clinic per the CDC and WHO recommendations.


Current changes in effect:

1. Appointments are 1:1, and will be spaced 15 minutes between clients so that the front desk/ lobby area can be cleaned and empty when you arrive.

2. All equipment, doors, phones, credit card processors, computers, and the front desk will be wiped down after each and every human interaction. 

3. All clients and families will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival and exit to ensure the safety of all.

4. The therapist will sanitize the treatment room after each session. This has ALWAYS been a standard of practice here at the clinic and will continue.

5. If you are not feeling well and have symptoms of a cold or flu, please call and reschedule your appointment for at least one month from now.

6. Your therapists are practicing social distancing to keep you safe. This means that we are limiting our interactions outside of our work and home.


Should I keep my therapy appointment right now?

Here are some questions to ask yourself. 1. Will your condition get worse if you don't come to therapy?

--Physical and Occupational therapy are essential if you have a progressive and/or chronic condition that requires the skills of a trained professional. For example, if you will develop wounds and/or an infection because your lymphedema is out of control. Coming to therapy is a better option compared to the alternative...being hospitalized.

2. Would you prefer to have therapy in your home?

--We provide in home visits for all of our clients. To protect you, we wear shoe covers, sanitize as needed, and will wear a mask while in your home.

3. Have you or do you plan to travel frequently outside of your home?

--Just as we are protecting you, please protect us and don't attend therapy if you are not practicing social distancing.

4. Can your therapy be conducted through video?

--We provide video conferencing, also known as telehealth, and can implement therapy treatment when appropriate and safe.


Your health is our top priority. If you do not feel comfortable coming in for your appointment, consider the options above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you have any ideas as to how we can you help you during this time, please share your opinions!

Follow this page for daily updates.



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