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Past Reflections and New Year Motivations

As 2019 comes to a close we reflect on what led us to start this business and our motivations for continuing to grow in 2020. As clinicians, women, and business owners we are constantly making goals for ourselves and our clients. Starting with something to motivate you can help you set goals for the future. We want to share our reflections with you to give insight into who we are and what Be Strong Therapy Services is all about.

In 2019 we started Be Strong Therapy Services, and in this new year we reflect on "why?"

A simple answer to this is that we were frustrated by the medical community's lack of holistic approach to treating cancer patients. We want to provide people with cancer a nurturing, healing environment with a variety of treatment options to help them get back to living the life they want to live! We believe that an individualized, clean, hopeful environment is the best way to recover. We are passionate about providing comprehensive cancer care by treating our patients as a whole person, not just a cancer diagnosis. We want to provide our clients the tools they need to fight cancer, whether it be with education about cancer and the general course of rehab or providing wellness services after our clients are in remission. Our degrees in physical and occupational therapy, along with our certifications and backgrounds allow us to be the best providers for this specialized rehab population.

Why branch out from the traditional model of healthcare?

Why leave the safe space of working within a large hospital system? Why take on the risk, the amount of hard work, and the possibility of failure? While we have always been able to answer the question easily from a "technical" perspective, we also want to convey our personal motivations and passions behind the idea of Be Strong Therapy. This is important because we provide more than just specialized cancer rehab in a clean, healing, holistic atmosphere that is individualized to each client. Our business started as a dream, a goal, a mission, and has turned into a physical manifestation of our ideals.

What motivates us the most?

We have watched our clients step out into the unknown time and again. They are the ones who have set the example of how to live through adversity and doubt as to what the future holds. They have shown us how we get to choose the life we want to live, even through some of the most trying, uncertain times in their lives. The people we help go from doing every day tasks just like the rest of us such as working, doing laundry, preparing dinner, to receiving news that will forever change their lives. They are told on some random day in the middle of their normal life that they have cancer. That the life they know, they expect, and feel safe and secure in, is now and forever changed and may even end. Our clients have taught us that tomorrow is not a given, so seize the day and give thanks. They've taught us that hope is always present, even in the darkest of times -- hope for a cure, hope for peace, hope for healing, hope for a better tomorrow. They've taught us more kindness, compassion, and empathy than can be explained. They've taught us time and again how much a person can overcome if they have the willpower and the fortitude to persevere. They've made us believe in miracles, in happy endings, and sometimes they've taught us how a person can die with grace and dignity.

It is because of these amazing, strong, resilient people we are excited to open the doors of this clinic. We want to serve these people in that clean, healing, hopeful place. We want to say "thank you" because they have given us so much more than we will ever have the chance to repay.

We wish all of our family, friends, and clients a Happy New Year 2020!

Check out our new location at 1882 Capital Cir NE, Suite 201



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