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What is Cancer Rehab?

Welcome to Be Strong Therapy Services' Blog! This is our first blog post with many more just around the corner! We are excited to share with you more about what Be Strong Therapy has to offer. Our goal with this blog is to provide education regarding various aspects of the cancer rehab journey. Our intention is to help you live the life you want to live and not be defined by your cancer diagnosis.

Our first topic includes an introduction to cancer rehab and how our services can help you.

What is Cancer Rehab?

Many of our patients, friends, and family ask this question and it's one we love to answer because it is our passion! In fact, cancer rehab is the primary reason we started Be Strong Therapy Services.

Cancer (oncology) rehab is the process of helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer get back to living the life they want to live. Cancer treatments simultaneously save your life and deplete your strength, energy, and trust in your body and health. We will work together to achieve physical and mental goals using a variety of therapeutic treatment options.

The Healthcare Team

Cancer rehab typically involves physical, occupational, and speech therapists. However, it also includes your family and friends, and other healthcare professionals such as counselors, massage therapists, and nutritionists, among others. Your healthcare team plays a vital role in helping you restore your ability to fully engage in life after cancer. The physical and occupational therapists at Be Strong Therapy are certified in oncology rehab and have specialized training to help this unique population.

Starting the Process

Cancer rehab can be implemented at any point in the cancer treatment process. We can start as early as the time of diagnosis, and help you become and stay strong enough to tolerate chemotherapy. We will work with you to prevent and limit the side effects of surgery and radiation. Our work can continue long after you've completed traditional treatments. To best help you regain your strength, endurance, and range of motion we design the treatment plan specific to each patient. In general, cancer rehab should include exercise and wellness options that last far beyond the end of traditional cancer treatment options.

What to Expect

Your first appointment with your therapist will involve a question and answer session centered around your functional goals. Examples of these questions include:

The answers to the questions listed above will help guide you and your therapist in developing a treatment plan specific to your personal goals. No two patient's treatment plans will look alike. Some people will want a more hands-on approach involving frequent appointments and some will want or need a more hands-off approach, such as monthly check-ins.

Next Steps

At Be Strong, we believe that living your life to the fullest means living your life without limitation, whether physical or mental. If you or one of your loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer, it is time to invest in your health.

A cancer diagnosis will change your life but we want to help make certain it does not define your life.

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