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unrecognizable curvy senior woman with varicose veins on her legs wearing a purple dress,

A specialty clinic designed in partnership with
The Vein Institute and Vascular Surgery Associates.
Conveniently located next door to The Vein Institute in Suite 101.

Who Are We

Who We Are

We are physical and occupational therapists who specialize in lymphedema (swelling) and compression. Our goal is to help you improve your swelling and skin to help you get back to living life!

Many times when you have vascular or vein issues your lymphatic system can be affected as well. Wearing compression socks can keep your legs from getting worse and progressing to open sores and swelling.

Getting fitted for compression socks by an expert will help you save time and money!

Services Offered


Compression Fitting

We help you find the best fit for your needs.

Foot Massage

Wound Care

We work with the wound care nurses at VSA to help your wounds heal faster.


Lymphedema Therapy

Management of your swelling with the gold standard of treatment.

foot pain_edited.jpg

Peripheral Neuropathy

We have treatment packages to help this painful condition.

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